Letter from an object


Day 4: Letter from an object

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Llythyr gan wrthrych

Alex Wharton

I'm a writer, poet and author. I'm also the Children's Laureate of wales 2023 -2025. I hope to inspire a positive connection to literature by sharing my own work and encouraging others to explore creative writing for themselves.


I visit schools, libraries and festivals throughout the UK, and this has helped me develop workshops that are enjoyable and accessible. I believe literature and language has the ability to improve our lives. And I'm excited to be an associate artist for this exciting creative challenge.


We all have objects that we overuse, or perhaps overlook. When we switch perspective and become the object, there is so much to explore. so much to learn and imagine. This makes the writing playful, expressive, inventive and accessible. We learn about ourselves too, if we're honest.







Write a short letter to yourself from the perspective of an object that you use, or maybe misuse everyday.


What object? A toothbrush, the car, the kettle, it could be anything.


What would the object say? is it annoyed, under-appreciated, is it running away? Maybe it has some advice for you.


Think like the object, BECOME the object! And give it a personality, a bit of character.


You could write a few lines or maybe a whole page. I wrote mine like a poem, you can do whatever you like.




What did you learn about the way you use your objects and belongings? What did you learn about you?


This exercise invites us to think outside of the box, to reflect on a life outside of our own and express our findings, our ideas through words.



Read your letter out loud to a friend or family member.


Post it online.


Invite them to think of their own objects and belongings, and what they would say - if they could.




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