Drawing Breath

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Drawing Breath

We’re taking a breath (or two) with this challenge from Balham Library!

“I'm Katie - I host mental wellbeing through art workshops at the library in Balham. This is an exercise that I practice sometimes at the beginning of a session with everyone as an alternative to 'traditional' meditation style breathing. The markings can then be used further to set intentions for the session or the day by adding colour and words.”

Take a moment with pencil and paper to draw your breath.

Close your eyes with the pencil to the paper, and as you take measured breaths mark the paper as you go. Notice if your breath goes up and down or round and round. Change the direction of the marks when you breathe in and out. After about ten breaths, notice how your 'drawn breath' looks. Are the lines long, short or wiggly?


Did you find yourself taking breath with more intention as you went along?

Share your drawn breath with someone you know and invite then to give it a go, or keep it for yourself!

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