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This April,

This April, The Bomb Factory Art Foundation presents a line up of creative prompts from resident artists of their studios that engage with the local community through their work.

“The Bomb Factory Art Foundation is committed to fostering inclusivity and accessibility in the art world by dismantling barriers to art education and enrichment. Through the opening of our five sites in London, we operate extensive exhibition and education programs that benefit local communities and schools. Additionally, we offer the public opportunities to engage with contemporary art through exhibitions, workshops, screenings, poetry evenings, performances, talks, and various cultural events. For more information about our initiatives, to support us, and to see the dates for upcoming shows, follow us on social media or visit our website.”

This week it’s over to Richard Shields!

Richard Shields is an artist who works with drawings, paintings, sculptures, performances and films. Richard often uses everyday objects and personal items in his art, like old documents or mass - produced objects. He likes to explore the stories behind these objects and how they relate to artists and their lives. His art encourages people to think about art, history, and modern life in new ways.

“During the winter, we tend to spend more time indoors at home. Remember in 2020 when we had to stay inside because of the pandemic? Many of us hung out a lot in our living rooms. The places we live can start to feel boring after seeing them day after day. But what if we used our creativity to make those spaces more fun and exciting? Reimagining our spaces in inventive ways with everyday objects around us helps spark a sense of community creativity and togetherness. When we transform the mundane into the magical through our imagination, it encourages others to see possibilities they may have overlooked before.”


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Re-imagine a room! 

Re-design a room you spend lots of time in, maybe a living room, bedroom, or wherever you like to hang out. How would you make that space extra special?

You could add a cool new rug with your favourite or patterns. Maybe paint the walls a bright shade. Or create your own artwork to hang up! The possibilities are endless.

If you don't want to re-design a room where you are, you could give a makeover to your classroom or a room at a relative's house instead. Wherever you spend time is great! Get creative and have fun reimagining that special space.

You could make a miniature model room out of materials you can find around you - maybe a shoebox or cereal box. If you have access to a printer, you can download the creative prompt here which includes flat-pack step by step instructions for creating a mini room model.


Think about how your feelings might change and what kind of fun or interesting things could happen with different visitors. You could write a story, draw a comic, or even act out a little play about your re-imagined room.

If you want to actually create your characters, use cardboard or thick paper to draw your character on, then carefully cut it out. You can give it thickness by glueing the cutout onto another layer of cardboard or folded paper. If you leave a small folded tab at the bottom, it will allow your character to stand upright.

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