Creativity Is …Storytelling

Creativity is... storytelling.

This April, The Bomb Factory Art Foundation presents a line up of creative prompts from resident artists of their studios that engage with the local community through their work.This April, The Bomb Factory Art Foundation presents a line up of creative prompts from resident artists of their studios that engage with the local community through their work.

“The Bomb Factory Art Foundation is committed to fostering inclusivity and accessibility in the art world by dismantling barriers to art education and enrichment. Through the opening of our five sites in London, we operate extensive exhibition and education programs that benefit local communities and schools. Additionally, we offer the public opportunities to engage with contemporary art through exhibitions, workshops, screenings, poetry evenings, performances, talks, and various cultural events. For more information about our initiatives, to support us, and to see the dates for upcoming shows, follow us on social media or visit our website.”

Today it’s over to Lawrence!

“Hi! My name is Lawrence Perry and I am an artist currently working In The Bomb Factory Covent Garden studios, London. My work is all about narrative and storytelling, so as a painter, I try to depict scenes that feel important. A moment can be important for many reasons; Is it the moment in the story where everything changed? Or Is it the happy ending? Did the main character discover the truth? Is that truth a sad or happy one? As artists we have a special ability to impact how the viewer feels when looking at our work, giving us a responsibility over what stories we tell.

“I believe that storytelling is one of the best ways to pass on wisdom, share our emotions and discover how we really feel about something. We can hide or reveal our deepest truths and secrets in narrative, so I urge everyone to try and create their own! Share your stories with friends and family and have conversations about what you’ve created; I promise you’ll learn something new about each other! This week, I invite you to use this ability to tell a story in your own way.”

To learn more about Lawrence Perry, visit his website and follow on Instagram.



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Create a new ending to a story. 

Think about stories you have been told, books you have read, or memorable films you’ve watched. Think about moments you liked from these stories, and more importantly, moments you wish you could change.

The thing is, when making art we can change anything! Now, in whatever form you like; painting, drawing, sculpting, writing or anything else you feel comfortable with, take a story and depict one scene from it, changing whatever you want. Maybe you change the characters, the ending, the emotions, or the setting!


How does it make you feel to change this part of the story, and how does it change the way another viewer would see or feel about this scene?

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