That peaceful place


Day 13: That peaceful place

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Ica Headlam

Hello my name is Ica Headlam I'm a Creative Practitioner based in Aberdeen Scotland. Up until May 2023 I was also a qualified children and families social worker with 10 years of experience supporting vulnerable young adults, and families across Aberdeen.


So a little more about me. In late 2017 I started to independently produce and host Creative Me Podcast a fortnightly show that explores creativity and arts in the North East of Scotland, with the aim of drawing a wider focus on Aberdeen's creative community.


I'm also the founder of We Are Here Scotland which is a nonprofit organisation that aims to amplify the voices of Global Majority artists and creatives across Scotland's creative industries.


I'm also a strong advocate for representation across the arts and value the importance of open and honest dialogue



Think of a place that brings you a sense of peace and calm.


Find a way to capture that place.


Sketch it, describe it in words - or, if you're able to visit that place today - take a photograph of your favourite thing there.


“I like to go hiking with my family whenever we can. This is the ultimate escapism for me, but also allows for me to clear my mind and become unstuck from the challenges in the week. I'm always taking pictures on my phone if the places that we have been hiking and this brings me some inspiration. Let today's challenge take you to that peaceful place…!”



How do you feel in your peaceful place?


Can you find a way to hold on to that feeling today?



Share pictures of the artwork you create with friends and family or whomever you feel comfortable sharing to.


If you'd like to, you could share it online.


Tag us in your posts so we can see them to.




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