Using your voice


Day 11: Using your voice

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Ava Riby-Williams

Hi, I’m Ava! I’m an artist and a creative facilitator living in London, and I feel passionate about using creativity as a form of healing. I’ve been following this intention in my work for over 7 years, usually with communities who have experienced marginalisation.


I particularly love using song and movement to tell stories of culture, belonging, and to express whatever it is that we’re feeling.


Joining together in music and movement- whatever that looks like for each individual- can be really powerful ways of being in community together, appreciating each other as worthy of being seen, and connecting to the heart.


I am touched by the power of singing. People have used songs to make meaning and form culture ever since humanity started in Africa. When we sing, we have the chance to regulate our breathing, our heartbeats, and to receive healing from the vibration of our vocal chords.


When we sing together, our breathing and heartbeats synchronise and we can experience a connectedness that goes beyond words. Many indigenous peoples have always known and used this artform.


Personally, I have always sung! I used to be shy to share my voice, but realised that there’s more power (and fun) in using it to connect rather than keeping it hidden.



Think of a song that you love or that is meaningful to you.


Try singing or humming it, alone or with a loved one.


If you like - have a go at singing along with the song in the video linked here, on your own or in a group.




How do you feel when you use your voice?


Whether it's together with others or alone in the shower, could you use singing or humming as a way to connect with yourself, soothe and celebrate?



Make a joyful noise! - Send voice notes of you singing as a gift to a loved one - Sing a song together next time you gather in a group. Could be at a family dinner, with your carer, in your school, ward or community center, at a friend's house or maybe even at work before a meeting.


It's natural to feel nervous about this sometimes, you only have to try what feels useful or exciting here - Share your voice with the birds and trees! No other people need to be listening to make it meaningful


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