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Writers' Hour

We’re really excited to share another creative prompt from our friends at London Writers' Salon! 

“London Writers' Salon is on a mission to help every human realise their creative potential through writing. We provide a home for writers around the world to grow a writing practice, refine their writing craft, build creative lives, and find creative friends. We do this through daily Writers' Hour live writing sessions, Expert Workshops, Courses & Interviews, and a supportive Creative Community.”


For complimentary access to their Writers Hour, an hour-long virtual writing sprint, held every Monday-Friday, visit this page made especially for this 64 Million Artists community! 




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In his book In the Shelter: Finding a Home in the World, Pádraig Ó Tuama writes:


“To name a place requires us to be in a place. It requires us to resist dreaming of where we should be and look around where we are.”


Look around. Where are you? Using vivid sensory detail - what you see, hear, smell, feel – describe where you are now.


How does it feel to consider where you are now, rather than where you’ve been or where you’re going?


What’s your favorite thing about where you are now?

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