Word Art


Day 19: Word Art

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Celf geiriau

HMP Berwn

This creative prompt is from prisoners in HMP Berwyn, a male Category C prison situated in North Wales.

The men in HMP Berwyn have been involved in creative workshops where they have had the opportunity to design creative activities for them to complete in their cells, using the resources available to them.

They discussed how these activities could be a source of meaningful connection with their families on visits.

Have a go at completing one of the challenges they created."



Choose a word that your drawn to today, for whatever reason.

Your challenge today is to create that word in calligraphy-style writing, drawing or using any objects or tools you like.

The word calligraphy comes from two Greek words stuck together, kallos, meaning "beauty," and graphein, meaning "to write" — literally "beautiful writing."

How can you create your chosen word in a way that feels 'beautiful' to you?



How did you approach today's prompt?

If you had chosen a different word, do you think you would have created the word in a different way?



Share pictures of the artwork you create with friends and family or whomever you feel comfortable sharing to.

If you'd like to, you could share it online.

Tag us in your posts so we can see them to.



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