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A graphic that read 'This Week's creative prompt are a writer set by London Writers SalonWe’re really excited to share that the creative prompts (and a few more surprises) in February will come from our friends at London Writers' Salon! 

“London Writers' Salon is on a mission to help every human realise their creative potential through writing. We provide a home for writers around the world to grow a writing practice, refine their writing craft, build creative lives, and find creative friends. We do this through daily Writers' Hour live writing sessions, Expert Workshops, Courses & Interviews, and a supportive Creative Community.”


For complimentary access to their Writers Hour, an hour-long virtual writing sprint, held every Monday-Friday, visit this page made especially for this 64 Million Artists community! 



Listen to the creative prompt below

Writing is for everyone.


Make a list of possible fun or fulfilling writing projects you might try in February. You could start a journal, write postcards to friends and family, sketch out an idea for a short story, try your hand at poetry, or simply take notes about what you observe.


Choose one project and commit to it for the month.


Decide on how often you’ll work on your project - daily, weekly, or perhaps just once.


Make your project small enough so that you can comfortably commit to it. No act is too small.



What’s a form of writing you’ve always wanted to try? 


What would you most like to express?


Share your writing project with friends and family and invite them to write with you, or simply read along.

Having trouble picking a project to commit to? You’re welcome to join London Writers’ Salon’s upcoming workshop Love at First Write: Choosing (& Committing to) a New Writing Project on Thursday, February 15th. We’re giving away 25 free tickets to the 64 Million Artist community. Use coupon 64MILLION at checkout.

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