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Where will our creative journey with Bea and Jill lead us in week three of their November takeover?

"We are Bea and Jill, a creative duo who work together as one artist. Bea (they/them) is an autistic young person. Jill (she/her) is their mum and carer. Our creative practice explores identity and community. We like to play games, tell stories and help others to do so too, especially those whose voice is unheard, presumed or overlooked.

Bea and Jill's weekly creative prompts are inspired by their most recent project Pillow Palace, a virtual art exhibition, built in Minecraft, for and by autistic young people.

Some of our Pillow Palace artists chose to create their perfect landscapes, habitats or walks; what would be your ideal place to wander and explore, get inspired, or that simply feels most like you?


Listen to the creative prompt below

Create a mood board or map, of either a scene or journey, through your favourite place. It can be real or conceptual, local or far away.

What can you see, hear and smell? What do you do? Who is there with you?

Combine made and found elements to describe what makes this your perfect environment. Use different mediums - photos and drawings, words, quotes or poems - to make this mood board map as immersive as possible.


Working online:

Miro is an online whiteboard where you can add photos, drawings, text and diagrams. Add your own photos, descriptions and ideas and supplement them with others found online. A good source of free images is; for videos, you could use

Share your Miro board with friends, encouraging them to add comments or new elements to the composition.


Working offline:

You could work directly on paper or experiment on a magnet board or pinboard, moving elements around and exploring how they work together before you decide on a final layout.

Invite a friend to explore your scene or journey. Are they surprised by your perfect place, or was it what they expected?


Find below some examples of mood boards and journey's through favourite places:

  • Jill has created a Miro board of her photography from visits to the seaside, her most favourite spaces, find it here.
  • For more inspiration, this intro Insatgram reel that Bea made talks about how their computer is how they travel.
  • And this Youtube tour by Poppy, one of the Pillow Palace artists, describes Mushroom Grove - their perfect place.



Could you layer elements so the scene reveals itself slowly? Or present them in a specific sequence as if on a journey?


Working Online:

Play with how Miro allows you to zoom in and out of your board and what you can see at different magnifications.


Working Offline:

Could you work on folded paper or in a book format? Could some elements be lifted or moved?

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