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Day 18: Your Space

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Hi, we're Zesty's Collective - a group of queer people in Nottingham putting on events (craft afternoons, creative workshops and meets) for other LGBTQIA+ and questioning people. Each event holds queerness at heart, away from loudness, nightlife, and a need for spending.


The 'your space' activity is a recurring one in Zesty's creative workshops and crafty afternoons. Through it, we want to reflect on and celebrate the different beings (our mentors/pets/chosen or blood family), places (your local LGBTQIA+ friendly bar), and items (the piece of clothing or a book) that bring us joy and make


As LGBTQIA+ people, the spaces we're in might not always be representative of us, so this activity works nicely to not only pay homage to what is important to us, but also prompt us to think about spaces we wish existed so that together we can make these reality.



Imagine a space you can call your own, it has four walls, a floor and a ceiling - what would this look like for you?

Today's challenge is to craft that space to life!

To create your 3D 'space', you could: .. dig through your recycling for a small box to work on .. have a look for a cube net online to copy onto paper .. find any other container at home to temporarily (or permanently!) use to craft your 'space' .. create the container from materials like clay or plasticine .. or if you'd like to work 2D, simply divide a piece of paper into six to represent the walls, floor and ceiling of the 'space'

You can cut and stick, draw, embroider, paint, write on or sculpt your 'space' - whatever is handy to you.



While you're making your 'space', think about your favourite items, views, beings and places that you would fill your space with to make it truly feel like your own.

Elements of the 'space' could be resembling your best friends garden, your bedroom from 10 years ago or a future communal living space.

It can be completely put together from small elements that bring you joy, each wall representing a different area of your life.

Your 'space' can be full to the brim or just have a few things in.



If you're making on your own, your 'space' could become a simple windowsill item to remind you of the things you hold as important.

If a specific person or place features in your 'space', why not WhatsApp the person your creation or tag the place on socials?

If you're making together in a group, your multiple 'spaces' could become a village, even a city - you could find other items to make into paths, trees and hills to connect your 'spaces' together.

Tag @zestyscollective on Instagram in your photos - we'd love to see your makes!



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