Your warmest friend


Day 9: Your warmest friend

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The Warm Welcome Campaign

Hello, I’m David Barclay from The Warm Welcome Campaign. We provide Warm Welcome Spaces for communities right across the UK.


Our campaign began last winter as an emergency response to the worst cost-of-living crisis in 70 years.


7000 Warm Spaces helped over half a million people struggling to keep warm amidst soaring heating costs and inflated prices for food and necessities.


We offer endless cups of tea, warmth and welcome to anyone struggling to get through winter alone. Warm Welcome Spaces offer an open invitation to everyone, to come in, keep warm, connect with others, and make new friends.


The Warm Welcome Campaign is about helping communities struggling to keep warm and to pay for basic day-to-day living costs.


But it’s also about helping everyone to connect with their communities, make new friends and vitally to feel less isolated and alone.


You might go into a Warm Welcome Space feeling a bit cold and down, but you always come out with a smile on your face. People come for the warmth and stay for the welcome.


By creating a picture of your warmest friend, you’ll discover the magic and what is so special about every Warm Welcome Space.



Who is the warmest person you know?


Think about what makes them so warm. Maybe it’s their smile.


Draw a simple picture of the warmest person you know, in any style you like.


What colour do they remind you of?


Add a splash of that colour to represent what makes them such a warm person.




Think about what characteristics makes your warmest friend so warm and see if you can mirror those special warm features this week.



Tell the person you have drawn, and if you are feeling brave share their picture with them.


Pin your picture up in your house to remind you of the lovely warm feeling you get from your friend, and why it's so important to be surrounded by warmth.




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