Creativity Is…


Day 31: Creativity Is...

🏴󠁧󠁢󠁷󠁬󠁳󠁿 Creadigrwydd yw…


Today is the last day of The January Challenge 2024. We made it! Over the last 31 days, we’ve explored our creativity - inspired by different people's ideas and creative prompts across the UK.


‘Creativity’ is a big word! It means different things to different people and shows up everywhere we look. At 64 Million Artists, we think of creativity as an everyday quality that is happening inside of and around us all of the time.

Creativity allows us to imagine and re-imagine, problem-solve, play games, communicate and connect, express ourselves and understand others better. Creativity can be joyful, exciting and sometimes tough - a necessary human response to navigating challenge or oppression.


We are curious about how creativity relates to change - how can we do things differently to create small and big ripples of change in our world - and how can all 64 Million (and counting..) of us across the UK feel creative, inspired and confident to be a part of that change.


Today’s final creative prompt is from the 64 Million Artists team. We hope you enjoy the process and that you’ll join us as we launch a year-round programme of creative prompts, events, workshops, training opportunities, resources and community platforms starting tomorrow!

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What does ‘creativity’ mean, to you? That’s a big question - we know! Take a few minutes to reflect on the last month. What have you experienced? Where has your creativity taken you? Whether you’ve done 1 creative prompt, or explored every day, today we are inviting you to celebrate YOUR creativity. Finish the sentence ‘Creativity Is…’ and share your response. Use the downloadable poster below to inspire you, or let your creativity do the talking!

A4 poster to print and share

Click the poster you'd like to print and download it when the next window opens.

Once you've printed yours, write what creativity is to you in the space provided (feel free to decorate it if you like).

Here are some posters that people have recently made. You can click them to view a larger version.



Ask somebody else for their response to today’s final prompt. What conversations does it inspire?



Share your sentence in a way that is meaningful to you - in your journal, with your dog, with a friend, family member, colleague - or online, using #TheJanuaryChallenge


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