Stories Of Change: Alex Wharton

Poetry is a therapy

Alex Wharton's journey
In a recent interview, Alex described the unexpected effect his creativity had on his well-being, particularly his shift from journaling to poetry.

The Transformative Power of Creativity as Therapy

Ever found it hard to open up about your feelings or struggles? If you nodded or thought "yes," you're not alone.

In a captivating snippet from our interview with Alex, he highlights the powerful role of creativity as a therapeutic tool for our most intimate thoughts. Alex, shared how his journey began with journaling, which eventually evolved into poetry. Initially, he used writing as a means to capture his thoughts and feelings, including moments with his family.

But poetry took it a step further for Alex. It wasn't just about putting words on paper; it became an art form that demanded deep reflection and editing. Alex discovered that editing his poems was akin to self-development. Each revision made him reevaluate not just his feelings, but also the emotions he hoped to evoke in his readers. This editing process transformed his poetry from mere words into a journey of introspection and personal growth.

"I felt like I was in a bit of a hard time in my own life, and I didn't realise it until I started expressing myself through poetry."

Improving Well-Being Through Creativity

The act of creative expression can significantly improve one's mood and overall well-being. For Alex, poetry was not just a hobby or a form of therapy; it was a lifeline during challenging times.

As Alex emphasized, poetry has the potential to not only enhance our lives but also to save them. Through creative expression, he found a way to connect with himself on a deeper level, ultimately leading to improved mental and emotional health. This transformative power of creativity demonstrates how creativity offers a therapeutic outlet that can be both healing and empowering.

Discovering New Talents and Building Connections

Creativity opens doors to new talents and connections. Alex's poetic journey began as personal exploration and quickly connected him with others who appreciated his work. His story reminds us that creativity can start small but lead to unexpected opportunities and enrich our lives in ways we never imagined, whether through poetry, painting, or music.

Now, pause and envision the unexpected opportunities waiting for you: chances to reflect, heal, connect, and expand your horizons.

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