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The January Challenge: Facts, Feelings, and Reflections

The January Challenge 2024: Facts, Feelings, and Reflections. We’ve been crunching numbers, reading your feedback and reflecting on everything that happened over The January Challenge 2024! What is the January Challenge? The January Challenge is 31 days of fun, quick and accessible creative prompts. Each creative prompt is an invitation to ‘do, think and share’…

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What happens next after The January Challenge?

What happens next after The January Challenge? What a January it’s been! Thank you for joining us for the ride! Whether you did one or all 31 creative prompts, we hope you enjoyed exploring your creativity with curiosity and connection.    Although we have reached the end of The January Challenge, our offer of free…

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A Year of Creative Courage

A Year of Creative Courage 2024 is going to be my Year of Creative Courage.   I regularly tell the story of how 10 years ago, when I found myself experiencing burnout and panic attacks, I took a month off work and got different people to set me different creative challenges to do each day.…

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